As a company integrating consultancy, training and publishing services altogether, Eminelli‘s aim is to promote critical and creative thinking, and to contribute to activities to improve innovativeness and productivity.

Why we have chosen the Eminelli name and the maple leaf logo

We know that trust is itself a “source of value”, and we base our work philosophy on this. Hence, the name Eminelli points to the first two of our principles:
Integrity” and “Quality”.

Eminelli aims to provide ‘quality’ services as promised to the customers and clients in all fields of operation.

The five corners of our “maple leaf” logo symbolize our five principles.

In different cultures, the maple tree is the symbol of various qualities such as strength and persistence; abundance and fertility; the independence of the mind and tolerance; balance and promise; honour and love; discipline and self-reliance, imagination, openness to new experiences, and easy learning. All these inspire our professional principles.

Our professional principles are integrity, quality, creativity, innovativeness, and persistence.


We know the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, family companies and non-profit organizations which want to increase their competitiveness and strengthen their institutional structures.

We care about the values and expectations of our clients; and we offer professional solutions based on the wide knowledge, experience and expertise of our consultants.

We support our clients in all of their tuning efforts to improve business performance; but mainly in the areas such as access to international markets, foreign partnerships, trade and project financing, credit risk management, international credit and business negotiations and institutional strengthening.

When requested, we directly manage the processes and we assist our clients until implementation of interventions has been completed.

We support our consulting and knowledge services through training programs.

Our Services

Eminelli works with qualified consultants having long years of academic and professional experience in their respective areas of specialisation gained in Turkey as well as abroad. Our company aims to fully meet the needs of the clients for consulting and knowledge services.

We focus on evaluations of the options such as exporting, franchising, licensing, production and management contracts, joint venture or direct investment when a foreign market entry decision is undertaken by a client.

Preparation of feasibility studies, evaluation of different financing options, and assistance for domestic and foreign fund raising for projects are among the other areas we serve.

In addition, we provide services for the introduction of internal guidelines and the establishment of management systems for financing, procurement, production, marketing, sales, public relations and corporate identity formation.

Finally, we also provide other services such as preparation of the annual reports for general meetings; content and language services for websites, brochures, and other publication material.

Independent Board Membership

In the institutional strengthening activities of family companies, we also provide services through independent board membership positions to quickly identify problem areas and propose solutions.


Whatever the size and sector, the most important factor that gives a company a competitive edge is its “capabilities”.

Capabilities of a company is the harmonious whole of the individual capabilities of managers and employees. Companies are human communities!

The sustainability, growth, and success of a company depends on the qualifications of its employees. Therefore, companies should invest in human resources as well as investing in other areas. The individual development of employees will contribute to the organizational development.

An investment in human resources pays back. The consequences of such investments are by nature medium and long-term and, reflected with an increase in the company’s market share and profitability.

The effort of a company to create an “employer brand” is closely related to the investments made in employee training and personal development.

Surveys show that even in the European Union countries, more than a third of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) cannot find the qualified workforce they seek. However, increasing competitive pressures require more qualified employees.

We live in an era when new technologies, new business models, and new insights are emerging every day, and continuous learning has become essential. Constantly improving the knowledge of employees, at least keeping them updated, is essential to remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

The cost of investments in human resources cannot be comparable to the size of potential losses that can be caused by human errors or insufficiencies.

Eminelli designs and provides customised solutions for companies and non-profit organizations’ short and long-term training requirements by first analysing their needs. These are mainly business management and personal development programmes for managers and employees at all levels.

In our programme design, we focus on improving participants’ knowledge, skills, productivity and motivation.

We offer our trainings in Turkish or in English.

Our trainers have years of professional experience and possess a strong understanding of industry standards and changing trends in the field of teaching.

Training Topics in General

– Financial Management
– Foreign Trade Finance
– Project Finance
– Foreign Operation Modes and Internationalization
– Financial Accounting
– Cost and Managerial Accounting
– Marketing and Sales Management
– Operations Management
– Human Resource Management
– Organizational Behaviour
– Organization Design and Development
– Strategic Management
– Understanding Macro-economic Variables
– Business Law
– Tax Law
– Information Technology Law
– Personal Data Protection Law
– Business English and Commercial Correspondence
– Personal Development and Motivation Trainings


Eminelli Publishing was established to promote quality publications. We are here to initiate creative publishing projects, to do things that have not yet been done, to do things better than others. Our major capital is our thirty-year intellectual accumulation, creativity, and passion.

Eminelli’s publishing focuses on business management and personal development. Our publication program comprises original works as well as translations.

While we find and present quality works to the reader; authors, translators and readers are welcome to suggest topics and submit manuscripts.

New authors are also featured in our publication program together with well-known Turkish and foreign authors.